Field Squared Pandemic Response Plan

Ensuring Continuity of Business Operations

Overview and Purpose

The purpose of this plan is to provide Field Squared employees, customers and partners with essential information regarding steps the company have taken in response to a pandemic to ensure continuity of business operations. This plan supplements all other corporate policies as it relates to Field Squared business processes and is considered a specialized plan required for the sole purpose of planning for a pandemic response by addressing additional considerations, challenges and elements to the dynamic, ongoing nature of a pandemic in particular.

Field Squared takes any indication of a pandemic very seriously. In response, we have developed several internal processes so as to ensure no disruption to operations in the event of a widespread outbreak.

Through careful internal planning, we are confident essential functions will be maintained during a pandemic. Our mitigation practices will be communicated if and when the time comes for such a response, including social distancing, providing hand sanitizer and increasing cleaning of surfaces around the office. Influenza may not, in and of itself, require the activation of this response plan. Field Squared will be taking a measured approach from travel and work from home rules.

How We Plan to Continue Operations

By design, Field Squared is a software-as-a-service business that operates independent of a significant amount of human intervention. As such, the nature of our business has built-in continuity and redundancy.

What follows are plans related to operations across key areas of the business and how we address concerns.

General Business Operations:
Field Squared employs systems and tools that enable automation of many business processes related to general business operations. Including accounting, reporting and other functions, we do not plan to change our processes in the event of a pandemic.

Customer Service and Support:
Leveraging an online support ticketing system, live chat as well as telephone support, Field Squared is not dependent upon a physical presence in order to maintain our customer service and support operations. The system in place enables ticket escalation whether our employees are in the office or remote.

During a pandemic, we plan to continue utilizing the same support operations infrastructure without disruption.

Infrastructure and Development:
Many of the tools and systems we utilize as a software company are built much like Field Squared, with redundancy as a foundational component. The Field Squared software platform lives in a virtual private cloud on Amazon AWS. All data is replicated over multiple redundant clustered database servers—we can survive multiple power and network outages and remain operational.

Field Squared production servers are triply redundant in three availability zones for maximum fail-over protection from network or power outages and we have secure offsite backups in other states.

During a pandemic, we do not plan to change our infrastructure or processes.

What Precautions We Will Take to Limit Spread Among Employees

Field Squared employees are informed regarding protective actions and/or modifications related to this plan. Communications during an emerging infectious disease or pandemic will be distributed. Guidance and instructions on established infection control measures such as social distancing, personnel protective equipment and telework polices are provided by Field Squared executive management if and when necessary to assist in limiting the spread of influenza within the office.

The following is a series of questions and answers to our pandemic response in various scenarios.

What measures will be taken to limit exposure in the office?
Field Squared takes steps to limit travel as well as reduce group exposure via social distancing in the presence of symptoms. Management has provided hand sanitizer throughout the office and encourages frequent handwashing.

Does Field Squared allow employees to work from home/remotely?
Most Field Squared employees work out of company headquarters in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. In the event it becomes necessary, all employees have the ability to work from home. Management will monitor the changing conditions to determine if and when to activate a full work from home policy.

How does Field Squared stay well informed of pandemic developments?
The management team has many outlets by which we access up-to-date news regarding developments related to pandemics. We monitor outlets for updates, and will respond based on the advice of governments, public health authorities, and medical professionals.

Including the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and national and local news agencies, we utilize the information to make informed decisions about activation of precautions included in this plan.

How will Field Squared handle work-related travel?
As a company, we take steps to limit work-related travel when it is necessary. We believe in responsible and safe travel while staying vigilant by following recommended procedures and protocols set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local authorities.

Travel restrictions, such as limitations on mass transit, implemented at the Federal, State,
and local levels may affect if and when Field Squared implements company-wide plans regarding travel.

What organizational response team roles and responsibilities have been assigned?
Field Squared has designated the executive management team as the Critical Response Team, with CEO, Christopher James Camut, as the leader. All communications will be distributed by Christopher as circumstances evolve.

What cross-training activities have been arranged?
In departments where team members have multiple responsibilities, cross-training is a fundamental part of the onboarding process. Such departments include essential business management, customer support, and customer implementations.

Communications During Pandemics

Field Squared will communicate with employees, customers and partners as needed regarding our pandemic response. Internal communications will be ongoing to ensure employees are kept apprised of developments.

The company will leverage email, phone, text and real-time collaboration tools such as Slack to keep employees informed.


Maintaining essential functions and services in the event of pandemic requires additional considerations beyond traditional continuity planning. Unlike other hazards that necessitate the relocation of staff performing essential functions to an alternate operating facility, a pandemic may not directly affect the physical infrastructure of the organization. As such, a traditional “continuity activation” may not be required during a pandemic. However, a pandemic threatens an organization’s human resources by removing essential personnel from the workplace for extended periods of time. Accordingly, this continuity plan addresses the threat of a pandemic.

Protecting the health and safety of Field Squared personnel is a focused goal of our company in order to enable continued operation of business processes and our ability to provide essential services during a pandemic.