Schedule. Track. Scale.
Without Waste.

Keeping the field team running smoothly has always required an army of admin staff to make them effective. Some of our customers had over 35% overhead.

With Field Squared, you can improve your communications and efficiency without having to scale your paperwork or your admin staff.

As your business grows, Field Squared can grow with you without you having to throw away the expensive IT system you just developed in house – Field Squared lets you change your apps at any time you’d like to meet your evolving needs at no extra cost and in a time frame you won’t believe.

Schedule Like a General

Field Squared offers Drag & Drop and Map-Based Scheduling with route and driving time optimization. Which means that spaghetti routes are a thing of the past.

Our Team Location Tracking makes scheduling of emergency jobs that much easier, and we also track time-on-site, drive time and mileage for your whole team for IRS reporting and ops efficiency analysis.

Real-Time Operations

Job Status and team locations are tracked in real-time and stored historically for up to a year, allowing you to replay the past or figure out the status of your work at any time for scheduling emergency jobs.

Real-time job planning and pulling work from work queues also becomes possible in Field Squared, to maximize the capacity of the resources you have in the field.


Scale Your Business

Scaling your business shouldn’t mean scaling your paperwork, and it shouldn’t mean having to scale your overhead and admin. You need to minimize waste in the field (trips, paperwork, time, return trips, phone calls, finding techs for emergency jobs) and optimize your business to drive up profits.

Stop doing business in the field using phone calls and paperwork and start taking advantage of running larger field teams with less overhead and less waste using our scheduling and routing features along with our paperwork automation system.  These are the principles of TPS and Agile brought to your field services operations from the Field Squared platform.


Find out how Field Squared can help you grow and run your business with less time and money needed to get up and running by Scheduling A Free Demo of our platform.