App Builder Documentation Features

Leverage the power of touch screens, GPS, cameras, photo mark-up and more using the Field Squared Mobile App Builder’s set of sophisticated field data capture controls. Any Excel based or complex paper based process can be automated in our platform.

List of Field Squared App Builder documentation capabilities (May 2015)

Control TypeWhat is does
Smart TextRapid entry of text using custom keypads, straight text entry, Siri dictation (iOS only), automatic masking, input validation, length checking and the ability to automatically populate with values from any other data point within the system (eg. another control in the same document, current user name, current job’s contact address)
LabelsAdds generic labels to the forms.
Text AreaProvides a generic text area in which users can type free form notes. Supports Siri dictation (iOS only)
Grid Control(Depcrecated) Provides a grid which allows custom row and column headers, custom hard coded values in cells, basic column and row math functions, super simple data entry inside cells (eg. check boxes, sliders, segments), the ability to handle money, percentages, fractions and numbers as well as text. Estimating features include sub-totals, sales tax calculations, shipping calculations and grand totals with math calculations updated in realtime.
Check In/OutProvides the ability to record the check in or check out time for a job. Once pressed, the time can’t be changed.
Check ListDisplays a check list like most forms including the ability to capture free-form text against checked items. Example: [x] _____ Volts
SurveyDisplays a series of questions with either segment control or slider controls as answers to those questions.
Options ItemDisplay a checklist with labels and photos.
Options ReportShows a report where each line of the report contains a label, some check-list items, an optional text comment and a photo.
Photo & MarkupAllows the user to take a photo and mark it up using our photo markup tools.
Photo CollectionAllows users to capture a series of photos in a single camera roll applied to only this document.
Photo with CommentsA single photo can be taken and then comments added to it.
MathAllows complex math functions to be performed on numbers, money, details table ranges of values, averages, sums, totals, percentages etc. anywhere throughout the document.
Current Date/TimeCaptures the date and time the document was either (1) created or (2) last updated by one of your team members.
Current LocationRecords the current GPS location for an address.
AddressAllows users to capture an address location, or use the current location as an address.
Person NameRecords a person name as structured information (first, middle initial, last) for later querying by name.
Section HeadersProvides a major heading inside the document.
Sub-Section HeadersProvides a sub-heading inside the document.
ExpandersAllows sections inside a document to be collapsed or expanded so that parts of a process can be shown or hidden based on answers to previous questions.
Current StateRecords the current state or province that the GPS indicates the device is within.
Current ZipRecords the current zip or postal code that the GPS indicates the device is within.
Multi-Select ListsProvides a quick pick-list of items that users can choose from. Lists support single and multiple selection, and the data can be pulled from third party systems.
Pricing ListPrice out a job using pricing lists pulled from pricing data entered back on the server. Pricing list data can be setup in the Dispatch App or pulled from third party APIs.
Pricing PackagesAllow customers to choose a package deal from a list of packages and include terms & conditions and price of the package chosen.
BarcodeScan bar codes using the built-in camera in the device. We support EAN13, Code 39, Code 39 Mod 43, Code 128, EAN8 an QR codes. Codes can also be manually entered for difficult to scan codes.
SignatureCapture multiple signatures on site by drawing your signature with your finger on the tablet.
SegmentProvides a list of options for users to select from. Each segment can represent either a text value that’s saved with the document, or a number value that’s saved for the select the user makes. Using segments with number values works well with the Math control for allowing users to calculate values on-site without having to do any typing.
SliderProvides a slider control which allows users to drag their fingers to enter a number value in of some kind. You can define start and ending values as well as the steps and default values. Using slidedrs works well with the Math control for allowing users to calculate values on-site without having to do any typing.
DetailsTableProvides a table of data which links to sub-documents that contain their own large amounts of data. When you have complex tabular data that you want to see in a single view, but you want data entry to be easy for field workers, the Details table is perfect for you.
“Flow” Controls
InitialsWhen you have terms and conditions that need to be accepted by customers, the initials control is the perfect control to initial complex contract values.
SinglePhotoProvides a way to capture a single photo. Useful on sub-documents for details tables.